Aplasia cutis congenita

Aplasia cutis congenita

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Key Points
*Condition affecting newborns
*Consists of missing skin in certain areas, ranging from .5 cm to 10 cm.
*Lesions can be shallow or deep
*Cause is unknown

Aplasia cutis congenital is a rare condition affecting newborns in which the affected child is missing a patch or patches of skin in certain areas. Most cases (70%) consist of a single lesion on the scalp, but may sometimes consist of multiple instances on variously parts of the body, ranging from very small to quite large. In the cases of deeper lesions, it may affect tissue to the subcutaneous layer, and very rarely, the skull itself.

While it isn't known exactly what causes Aplasia cutis congenital, it is thought that genetics may play a part, in addition to exposure to the teratogen group of drugs/chemicals, defects in development of the skin, or early rupture of the amniotic membrane. No sex or race is more or less susceptible to the condition.

Differential Diagnosis (Other conditions with similar appearance)

Epidermolysis bullosa
Fetal Varicella
Setleis syndrome

Key Points
*Diagnosis based on skin appearance
*Testing may be performed to rule out other conditions

Aplasia cutis congenital is diagnosed based on the appearance. Health care professionals may perform testing to rule out other conditions.

*Small areas will heal over time, with scarring
*Goal of treatment is to prevent infection
*In severe cases, surgical tissue repair may be required
OTC Options: Gentle Cleansers, mild ointments

In Aplasia cutis congenital cases consisting of a single lesion, generally on the scalp, the occurrence will heal with time, and present scarring. In these cases, infection of the unhealed lesion should be prevented by keeping the area clean. If infection does occur, antibiotics may be used in treatment. In cases of deep or multiple lesions, surgical repair may be required.

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