Cherry angioma

Cherry angioma

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Key Points
*Small, benign tumors made up of blood or lymph vessels, on or near the skin surface
*Exact cause is unknown
*Occasionally present as symptoms of more serious disorders
*Two main types, cherry Angioma and spider Angioma

Angioma are small, benign tumors made up of blood or lymph vessels which appear on or near the skin's surface. They are quite common, and unless associated with a more serious disorder, are harmless. They can appear in one of two types. Spider Angiomas often appear on the face or torso, but can occasionally develop on the hands, forearms or ears. They consist of small areas (1-10 mm) of tiny red blood vessels, generally radiating from a central red dot. Cherry Angiomas appear as dark red papules which contain an abnormal concentration of blood vessels.

Angiomas can affect persons of any age or gender. Spider Angiomas are common in both children and adults, while cherry Angiomas generally affect only adults, increasing in occurrence with age. They can also appear in women who are pregnant or taking birth control pills. Persons affected with liver disease may develop Angioma as a symptom.

Differential Diagnosis (Other conditions with similar appearance)
Various liver disorders (Cirrhosis, autoimmune hepatitis)

Key Points
*Diagnosis based on skin appearance
*Blood or other tests may be performed to rule out underlying disorders

Angioma is generally diagnosed based on appearance. Health care professionals may administer other tests to ensure that they are not caused by an underlying disorder

*No treatment is necessary
*Goal of treatment is generally cosmetic

As Angiomas are benign, treatment is not necessary. However, if an affected person wishes to have them removed for cosmetic reasons, health care professionals may perform electrocautery or laser treatments.

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