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* An examination of skin lesions to assist in diagnosing skin conditions, especially melanoma.

Dermoscopy is the examination of skin lesions with a dermatoscope, allowing an inspection of skin lesions unobstructed by skin surface reflections. Although it's only used by 20 to 25 percent of dermatologist, the instrument is useful in distinguishing benign from malignant (cancerous) lesions, especially in the diagnosis of melanoma.

Dermoscopy requires a high quality magnifying lens and a powerful lighting system. This allows examination of skin structures and patterns. Computer software can be used to archive the images and allow expert diagnosis and reporting, while computer programs can aid in diagnosing.

In addition to diagnosing melanoma, Dermoscopy can also be used to find a splinter, locate scabies within a mite burrow, and evaluate nail fold capillaries.