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* Permethrin is used to treat scabies, crabs, and lice.

Permethrin is a common synthetic chemical, widely used as an insecticide that kills parasites and their eggs. It is used to treat skin infections caused by parasites, such as scabies, crabs, and head lice. It does not, however, prevent infestations. Moreover, though it is used to kill insects, it has rarely been associated with toxic effects at high doses, including eye and skin irritation, tremors, loss of coordination, hyperactivity and paralysis.


Permethrin typically comes as a cream or lotion, and is applied externally. Usually only one application is necessary, although a follow-up application may be required. The shampoo should be applied to the hair and stay in for at least ten minutes before it is rinsed. The cream is applied all over the body and should be left on for 8 to 14 hours.

Side Effects

Side effects are generally mild and may include skin irritation rash