Laser Services

Before Dermal Filler

Ozark Dermatology Aesthetics located in Northwest Arkansas provides Laser Services as a skin care procedure. Schedule your Laser Services treatment at our Medical spa.

What brand of laser is used for services?

We use Sciton's high-performance multi-module JOULE™X platform for all of our lasers services. JOULE™X leads the way as the most customizable laser and light performance system available on one robust platform. Three distinct delivery modes: arm, fiber, and BBL™(Broadband Light) provide the widest array of aesthetic and surgical procedures available from a single platform. JOULE™X addresses an abundance of skin quality restorative and revitalizing concerns, women's health, body contouring, vascular conditions, and unwanted hair all with the power of lasers and light.

Sciton Combination Therapy:

The Sciton  JOULE™ with TRLTM technology gives the medical provider far more treatment flexibility than any other laser. With Sciton we can combine procedures and fine tune ablation and thermal effects to give patients the very best results, all in one session.

Some examples of popular combinations include:

MicrolaserPeel® (MLP® ) + ProFractional™.                                                                                   Many practitioners now add MicroLaserPeels® to all ProFractional™ treatments because the full coverage treatment of MLP makes the skin look healthier and more vibrant, while ProFractional™ targets conditions that exist deeper in the skin. The combined effect is superior cosmetic results with no additional downtime.

BBL™(BroadBand Light) + ProFractional™                                                                                     BBL™ is an intense pulsed light device (not a laser) available on the JOULE™ platform used to remove pigmented and vascular lesions, reduce acne ,and remove hair. BBL™ works well with ProFractional™ Therapy and allows the medical provider to treat more conditions in the same session.

SkinTyte™+  ProFractional™                                                                                                        SkinTyte™ uses a broad spectrum of infrared light energy to deep-heat dermal tissue, leading to creation of a new collagen foundation and visible skin firming. Combining SkinTyte™ with ProFractional™ allows the provider to target collagen more broadly.

BBL™+ MicroLaserPeel® + ProFractional™                                                                                       The attributes of these three treatments are unique and complementary, and are often used in combination to produce superior cosmetic results.

All Scition  laser treatments below can be purchased in packages of 4 or more treatments at a 20% discount.

Laser Services