Salicylic Acne Peel

Ozark Dermatology Aesthetics located in Northwest Arkansas provides Salicylic Acne Peel as a skin care procedure. Schedule your Salicylic Acne Peel treatment at our Medical spa.

What is a Salicylic Acne Peel?

Salicylic acid is a beta-hydroxy acid that helps in drying up existing blemishes, as well as decreasing oil production in oily/acne prone skin. This peel is used to deeply exfoliate the surface layers of the skin. Salicylic acid breaks the bonds that hold the skin's cells together, causing them to shed away or peel. As the skin regenerates, it is rejuvenated. A series of treatments is recommended for best results.

What to expect?

Salicylic acid peels are particularly helpful for treating acne and blackheads. Salicylic acid is a strong comedolytic, which means it helps unclog pores. It also helps decreases the amount of oil on the skin. Regular salicylic acid peels can help improve both inflammatory acne and comedonal acne. Immediately following a salicylic acid peel, you'll notice your skin feels softer and smoother. Salicylic acid peels can brighten your complexion. They also will give your skin a better texture and make large pores look smaller.

Individual Results May Vary