Skin Cancer Screening

Skin Cancer Screening

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OnlineDermClinic launches first statewide smartphone skin cancer screening

Web-based tools developed by Arkansas dermatologists


The Arkansas Dermatological Society has partnered with OnlineDermClinic’s DermAid Foundation to offer a statewide skin cancer screening for residents of Arkansas.  The skin cancer screening

“We are extremely excited to pair this intuitive and powerful technology with volunteer dermatologists throughout the state of Arkansas.   This is a much needed and potentially life-saving service for a state that has many underserved rural areas.” said Dr. Sandy Johnson

Our best chance to save lives is by cancer prevention and early detection.  Technology like this is building bridges between doctors and patients.” Added Dr. Johnson.  

OnlineDermClinic.com and the DermAid Foundation

“The ability for dermatologists to offer dermatological care

Inspiration to create www.Onlinedermclinic.com came from concerns over current patient wait times and the increasing demand for dermatologic care.  ODC Co-founder

Co-founder Kevin St.Clair M.D.

Schach is quick to point out that the virtual office visit will not always replace a face-to-face visit with a physician. “But it’s a good way to start

OnlineDermClinic.com has other

“We developed it as a first-of-its-kind web-based teaching tool for medical students and mid-level health care providers

Another feature is an extensive glossary for users to browse that includes definitions of skin conditions and photos for accurate reference.

The site also features DermaTeach

For Dr. Stewart

Schach said the next step for OnlineDermClinic.com is recruiting additional board certified dermatologists nationwide for the virtual clinic and humanitarian effort. Schach said there are currently two account types available for dermatologists. The DermAid account is free for all board certified dermatologists that want to act as volunteers for U.S. skin cancer screenings and international aid. There is also a ‘premium’ account that allows physicians to offer fee-for-service consults to new and existing patients in their own practice.  For dermatologists

“Most doctors charge their patients about $60 per virtual visit

“We’re taking it one step at a time

For more information about this new technology or OnlineDermClinic


















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