Skin tags

Skin tags

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 Key Points
*Small, flesh colored growths of skin that usually appear in folded areas of the body
* Benign
*More common in the overweight or those who suffer from diabetes

Acrochordons, or cutaneous skin tags, are small  benign skin growths, though in some cases may be up to a half-inch long. Usually located on the neck, armpits, and other body folds, Acrochordons are skin colored (sometimes darker) and  have a narrow stalk. They usually occur after midlife.

Acrochordons are painless, except for those in areas where they may be irritated by clothing or friction from opposing skin. They are more prevalent in overweight or obese persons, although anyone may have them. Sometimes they may occur in association with acanthosis nigricans. In most cases, acrochordons do not cause symptoms but can be easily removed by your doctor if bothersome to you.

Differential Diagnosis (Other conditions with similar appearance)
Nevi, melanocytic
Seborrheic Keratosis (which can occasionally grow on a stalk or pedicle)

Key Points
*Diagnosis based on  appearance and typical locations
*Biopsy may occasionally be performed to rule out other conditions

Acrochordons are generally diagnosed based on appearance. Should a tag grow, bleed or change color or shape, health care professionals may biopsy the tag to ensure it is benign.

*Generally do not require treatment
*In cases where tags become irritated or traumatized, health care professionals may remove them

As  acrochordons are harmless, treatment is not strictly necessary. If a tag should become irritated or traumatized, there are several options for removal by health care professionals. These include snipping with scissors, cryosurgery, or electrodessication (destruction by applying small electric current).

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